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Absolute Therapeutic Care/A.T.C located in Rochester Hills, M.I uses John Barnes Myofascial Release Techniques founded on the principles of Myofascial Release, Rebounding, and Unwinding as the foundation of all treatment programs. Absolute Therapeutic Care provides treatments to a wide range of individuals ranging from professional athletes, to babies and even the elderly. Myofascial Release treatments helps the athlete to have a more complete recuperation from past injuries which includes deep scar releases, as well as to have a less injury prone career. In order to help you understand more clearly, Lets compare your treatment to a dining experience. There is always a main course. Sometimes, but not always you may choose to have dessert. No one would consider it healthy to fill up on dessert and just have a bite or two of the main entree'. Similarly, at A.T.C, we serve Myofascial Release as the main course, because we believe that this is the key to addressing physical and emotional injury which will ultimately lead to more lasting physical and emotional recovery and liberation. Sometimes it is complemented by the use of other massage therapy services depending on the individual need.

Some of these services include Shiatsu, Medical Reflexology, Trigger Points relief, Aromatherapy,Chair Massage, Infant Massage, Sports Massage, Clinical Massage, Swedish Massage, Medical Message, Pre-Natal Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Raindrop Technique, Facilitated Stretching, Assessment Techniques, Craniosacral Techniques,(part of myofascial release)Hydrotherapy, Hydrotherapy baths, Hot Stones Massage, Cyrotherapy, Integrated Muscular Ischemic Technique, Reseting and Retraining of Muscles, Relaxation Techniques, Self-maintenance Techniques, Emotional rehabilitation and Rehabilitation of a variety of medical conditions due to age, injury, accidents, or other physiological factors.

100% essential oils are always used in all massage therapy services such as hydrotherapy baths, raindrop techniques, and any other treatment where oils are used. Absolute Therapeutic Care/A.T.C in Rochester Hills, M.I, uses essential oils that I have personally traveled to Egypt (a country renowned for their essential oils for centuries) to get first hand, from a very reputable family owned and operated essential oil company. Young Living essential oils are also used as a natural adjunct to therapy.

Absolute Therapeutic Care/A.T.C offers individual myofascia release and massage therapy treatments at various lengths ranging from 30 mins, to 3.5hous. However, a standard Myofascia release or massage therapy treatment is 90 mins in length, and double sessions which are 3hours in length are highly recommended and routinely performed for a more complete individual maintenance treatment. In fact, once you've had a double session, you will be quick to find out, that nothing else feels as complete! The latter service is unique to Absolute Therapeutic Care/A.T.C in Rochester Hills, M.I.


  1. Maintenance Treatments: Once per week or less designed to maintain optimum physical and emotional health.
  2. Maintenance Treatments: As often as you choose, to maintain optimum emotional and physical health.
  3. Rehabilitation Treatments: Usually 2 to 3 times per week, designed to facilitate the healing of specific problems with the help of Myofascia Release and Massage Therapy.
  4. Intensive Rehabilitation Treatments: Usually 15 -18 hours each week with the goal of facilitating the healing process of specific physical and emotional problems, including but not limited to subconscious bracing patterns that affect the body negatively physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This treatment provides the forum for dealing with deep rooted emotions and fears that have a toxic effect on the body. Myofascia Release Techniques along with Massage Therapy provide the structure for these treatments. MFR acts as a window or a door to allow access to our feelings as never before with the help of a skilled MFR therapist. This can allow you, the patient/client to reassess your belief system, in favor of one that has a more positive effect on the mind and body. As toxins leave the body, the body experiences temporary moments of therapeutic chaos, but eventually will result in a feeling of mental, emotional and physical liberation.

The duration of an intensive treatment program varies depending on the individual and their circumstances. However, it's recommended that this type of treatment be done for a minimum of two weeks, although treatments for shorter or longer durations are available. MFR does not claim to be a cure for all and neither does Absolute Therapeutic Care/ A.T.C. It is up to you, the patient/client to evaluate the success of myofascial release treatments in your own life, and determine whether or not it is helpful to you.


Although the therapeutic journey to wellness at Absolute Therapeutic Care Treatment Center is very loving and respectful, there will be challenging moments! This path of physical and emotional liberation will require much courage as you, the patient/client battle fears and insecurities that affect your body physically and emotionally. For individuals that may be resolving physical and emotional issues during treatment, it would be helpful if family members allow their loved ones the time, space and support necessary to complete the better part of this journey. They may see their loved one experiencing the ups and downs of this journey and be tempted to interfere or try to expedite the process. However, as the body experiences both physical and emotional changes while going through treatment via myofascial releases structurally, unwinding and rebounding, a reorganization period takes place. This is called THE HEALING CRISIS! As the body unfreezes from physical and emotional trauma, as well as readjusts and resets itself to physical and emotional releases, the body goes through a chaotic and sometimes therapeutically painful period. During this time, it may appear to be taking a step backwards. However, this HEALING CRISIS is a perfectly normal part of the healing process, and is in fact essential to lasting progress as the body finally breaks free from long held physical and emotional bracing patterns and deep rooted FEARS that have kept the body in a prison like state for so long. PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is really just a synonym for UNRESOLVED FEARS! As a result, many have broken free from this prison and are now living a life of new found freedom. After the healing crisis normally comes a new found physical and emotional liberation that makes the journey very much worth it!

While MFR does not claim to heal everyone instantly from all their physical and emotional problems, it has been very effective in treating even the most deep rooted physical and emotional issues even decades after their onset. So it is up to you personally to choose to allow the therapeutic principles to affect your life with the help of a skilled therapist, and then you can make your own decision as to its value and effectiveness in your life. At times myofascial release techniques may be painful, but it is never injurious to the body. In fact, its very liberating!!! But please keep in mind, that myofascial release techniques are for the most part very gentle, nurturing, and loving! If at any time you are concerned about a family member during treatment, please give Absolute Therapeutic Care/A.T.C a call directly at (248)635-4022. Although treatments are strictly confidential between patient/client and therapist due to privacy laws that govern the health care profession, Absolute Therapeutic Care will be happy to answer any general questions about MFR and/ or Massage Therapy.


A.T.C also provides one on one training and tutorship for massage therapists who are seeking to grow, enhance, or fine tune their massage and myofascia release therapeutic skills. Learn how to do exceptional therapeutic work with such attention to detail, that the results will speak for themselves.

Please do not continue to live in pain! If contemplating surgery or you have tried other services that have failed you, please do not give up! Even if you have tried massage therapy and you did not benefit from it as much as you would have liked, try A.T.C. Why? All Massage Therapists are not created equal, and many have not received extensive training or had continuing education in myofascial techniques and other modalities to keep up with the ever changing and progressing profession. Give A.T.C a call. We would welcome the opportunity and the privilege to earn your trust and provide you with the best service in the industry.

General Hours:

Mondays and Fridays are usually reserved for Intensive appointments only!

However, at times exceptions can be made :0)

Tue: 6AM-10PM

Thur: 6AM-10PM


By Appointment only!!!

No Walk Ins!!!


Near the intersection of Crooks and Auburn Road

Rochester Hills, Mi


MFR: Myofascial Release Treatments                              Massage Therapy Services

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