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Owner of Absolute Therapeutic Care Treatment Center Natasha Jackson with fellow therapist Patricia Albiar

The goal of Absolute Therapeutic Care/ A.T.C Treatment Center is to facilitate wellness by maximizing therapeutic skills and principles through an individualized regiment conducted in a respectful and professional manner. Absolute Therapeutic Care/ A.T.C Treatment Center provides Myofascial Release and Massage Therapy in Rochester Hills, M.I

Originally from the island of Trinidad, I Natasha Jackson, the owner of Absolute Therapeutic Care/A.T.C, have always appreciated natural and drug free remedies as a solution for health limitations. This is exactly what A.T.C provides. A.T.C uses a total body wellness approach and addresses the entire person. The four major components of wellness are: physical wellness, mental wellness, emotional wellness and spiritual wellness. All aspects of wellness if addressed, will result in the healthiest lifestyle possible that can be reasonably achieved.

Patricia Albiar, a certified massage therapist and John Barnes trained in myofascial release techniques provides amazing support and nurturing to all our clients and

Natasha with husband Barry in Trinidad.

patients at Absolute Therapeutic Care Treatment Center. Absolute Therapeutic Care Treatment Center is a Company that uses Myofascial Release and Massage Therapy treatments to facilitate the body's natural healing process. Myofascial Release Techniques and Massage Therapy treatments are used not only for the rehabilitation of physical and emotional issues, but also as natural tools for maintaining optimum physical and emotional health. In addition, Myofascial Release Treatments along with Massage Therapy Treatments, are used for consistent, ongoing refining of one's own mental, emotional, and physical health. After personally benefiting from these treatments, you may play a role in directly or indirectly influencing others in a positive direction towards their own total body wellness.

These treatments would involve a thorough assessment designed to address the root cause of a problem rather than merely addressing the symptoms, which only provide temporary relief at best.

A.T.C promotes a healthy lifestyle which will include, but not limited to, a healthy, nutritious, tasty intake of food, moderate exercise, and adequate supplements to support the body's nutritional needs.

However, A.T.C firmly believes that all of the above are rendered mute as long as there are severe myofascial restrictions that block the body's ability to absorb water enough to hydrate the body on a cellular level, as well absorb other vital nutrients essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Myofacial restrictions can be viewed as a kink in a water hose that does not allow the water to reach the shower head. Imagine the shower head as your cells. Without adequate water, they slowly die off. So how do you get water to reach the shower head? If you increase the flow of water, as long as the kink is present, the water would still not reach the shower head. Therefore, simply increasing your water intake is not enough. If you remove the kink in the hose, now water can safely, and without interference get to the shower head. Similarly, if you remove the myofascial restrictions, now as you drink water, the water can safely, without interference reach their final destination of hydrating your body on a cellular level.

This is the goal of A.T.C with proper hands on treatment from a highly skilled myofascial release and massage therapist with the ultimate goal of facilitating and optimizing mental, emotional and physical health. With these important goals in mind, A.T.C's foundation of treatment is myofascial release.

The Fascia system looks much like a spider web, and is found in every part of your body, from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. If you have ever removed skin from chicken, you will notice a very thin membrane like tissue over the meat. That membrane like tissue is fascia. Much like putting your finger into a spider web, which will affect and shift the entire web, so too, releasing fascia restrictions affects the entire fascia system, thereby releasing restrictions directly and indirectly.

While the standard of care received at Absolute Therapeutic Care/ A.T.C Treatment Center in Rochester Hills, M.I is of the highest quality, priced services are extremely affordable when compared to other priced services in this profession.

A.T.C will not only provide Myofascial Release and Massage treatment, but also health education which empowers you to continue self-treatment at home.

Please be assured that by means of continuing education in Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release techniques via John Barnes seminar training and various modalities, you will always receive optimum patient/client care. New techniques and principles will always be incorporated into your therapeutic treatment regiment. Myofascial release techniques are now considered the gold standard in health care treatments. A.T.C uses these highly effective treatment protocol as a mainstay in therapeutic regiments. Myofascial release techniques are instrumental in addressing subconscious bracing patterns within the body that cripple the body mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It is a small privately owned business, but that's exactly the way we like it. It's a warm, cozy home environment, that all our clients/patients love because of the personal attention received.

Don't take my word for it! Come see for yourself, and join many who have been relieved from chronic and acute pain. I look forward to meeting you personally very soon.


Myofascial Release & Massage Therapist/Specialist

Near the intersection of Crooks and Auburn Road

Rochester Hills M.I

Natasha Jackson


In appreciation for those that are in special full-time service, those who qualify, may receive their treatments without cost! This service is provided based upon availability and other factors. Please contact our treatment center directly using the telephone number provided to see if you qualify!

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